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The right mindset

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Beloved for you to manifest God’s power and to live an ever victorious life, you mindset must be right. In Rom 12:2 we see that transformation does not come from prolonged prayers, fastings, religious activity but from the Renewing( unistalling all ideologies, theologies and belief, and installing God’s versions of all these) of the mind. So if you don’t have the Mentality of christ(mind of christ) you may still live a difficult and defeated life.

I will say again we are not isreal, many of their heroes where ok but or stand with God and our authority is Higher!!! Remeber Jesus even said that of all of them John the baptist was the greatest but in our Clan he is the least!!! This is because we are born of the spirit and have the very life of God in us.
So when every you read any story in the bible e.g Jesus , the disciples and sick or oppresed people never put your self in any other place than in the place of Jesus. E.g Jesus healing the sick, never put your self in the place of the sick that needs to be healed. For by His stripes you WERE(past tense) HEALED!!!… Let me stop here now.. Get your mind renewed always picture you self in the place of what God did( a problem solver) and not one expecting something from Him. For as HE is So are You. You are blessed in all you do today

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An Important Weapon!!!!

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As Soldiers of God we have weapons ; one of our weapons is our Mouth,
In His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a 
sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining
Rev 1:16 (NASB).

Unfortunately we use it negatively instead of Positively against 
challenges and forces of Darkness. As He is so are you, 
there is a sword in your mouth, whatever you decree shall be established,
 what you speak comes to pass, With His mouth He calmed the storm,
Turned 5 loaves to food more than enough to feed 5000 people, He created the whole
Universe with it, sent the devil parking and did so many other things.In the
featured picture you will see how you mouth operates and how you can 
also use the sword in your mouth... you are blessed!!!

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They new way!!!

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As I have said before now we are not Israel( not even spritually). So of what applies to them does not directly apply to us.
In our own case when situations arise that need Divine assistance. We don’t pray ‘oh God arise and fight for me’ because: 1. He now lives in us
2. On the cross when He said ‘it is finished’ what He meant is that He has conquered all that needs to be conquered. And the scripture makes us know that He has given us this Victory and his Authority to overcome all things and powers in essence 3. Did you ever hear any of the apostles pray or think this way?
4. If we still need Him to fight or step in like the old days then His death on the Cross has no value. Let me stop here on the reasons.

So presently the way God intervenes in matters is this way. In John 11 we see that God and His word are One so. Let His word arise from your spirit, you know speak it out as His oracle and that word will not return to Him void but will bring about a positive change .Ps 68;1

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What is success to us!!!

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Success is doing what no other person or kind can do.

So for we as Sons of God, success for us is Healing the sick without medicine or operation, casting out demons from people, raising the dead, winning of souls and performing miracles: for sure the world can’t do this!!!

If it business, wealth e.t.c the world can do and try to compete this with us.

Also If our Father did such works while walking  by Himself here on earth, if we are really His children we should do the same

So ask your self are you successful?

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Prayer 102!!!

God has seen, Gone into your Tomorrow( your Future) and has done great things, and made great plans, and packages in it for you! if you need a change today( which is His yesterday),

thank him for what you want to happen( which He has done already), do not ask Him to do anything for you,

Instead Decree that you receive it from Him because that is How you Draw it into the Present which is God’s past!!

Even Jesus was slain before the world was ever made(The lamb of GOD that was slain before the foundation of the earth)

He is such an awesome God and He makes ready all that we need and we will ever need even before we are born, notice the garden was fully ready in Genesis even before Adam came to existence! asking for things is good(good will, base level, ask n you shall receive) for babes God will answer that way for a while but as you grow in His knowledge He expects you to act as a Son and decree(acceptable will, and perfect will if that thing is exactly what he has already provided for you for that time) .you are blessed!!!

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New way of Communication!!!

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The During the death of Jesus on the Cross something Phenomenal happened!!!

And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. 51 And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split. 52 The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised;

Matt 27:50-52 (NASB)

The interesting thing i want to bring out is that the earth quake  produced a new frequency and destroyed or render stale the old frequency of Communicating with God.

Let me liken this to Old and new ways of Telephony. analog(Nitel) and GSM

  • Before His death like Nitel before anyone could communicated with God He/she will have to go to the High priests( Nitel office, telephone booth) and wait on queues for a turn
  • They also had to Go to a specific place( particular booth)
  • It was normally stressful and not always successful as they might have to comeback because of the crowd
  • The hight priest/prophet(Booth) was the only way
  • There were specific times for this

But now we have the new Way GSM with a better and more convient system.

  • We just need a phone(our hearts),
  • Sim card( recreated spirit)
  • loaded with credit(Word of God)
  • Under network coverage(Grace)
  • Recharge cards and Pins( The word of God & Specific scriptures)

Once we have all these we can call anywhere and at anytime and we connect Directly without no mediator or interruptions!!!

Also if we are low on Credit( the word of God)  we may not be able to call but we can still connect via the inbuilt ‘Please Call me SMS'( praying in tongues) , For some certain calls we can loaded Pins of different denomination of scratch cards(Specific words of God) and then call, 

We also have a 24/7 customer care representative (The Holy Spirit) at our disposal

We are also blessed with Experience centers(Churches) know more  on how to use our phones


You have no choice now than to communicate Effectively!!!!



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You don’t need to carry any cross!!!!

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God is So Good that there is no tiny evil in HIM !!!

So this means He does not do or condone evil; so if you are seeing anything evil in your life it is not from God aleast not from the God i know who manifested Himself in the Flesh as Jesus.

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting

James 1:17 (NASB)

Some believers when they experience evil like sickness, infirmity,affliction, e.t.c say ‘God is using it to humble me’  it is my thorn to keep me in faith’ it is My cross’; this is not true, The bible also says God will not tempt man with evil.

The devil will keep afflicting you if you think this way. All Good comes from God and everything evil is from the devil.

By the way Jesus has already carried the cross, you don’t need to carry any other one; the only cross you should bear now is passion for lost souls and living our lives for others.

Refuse what is evil and stick to what is Good, refuse to live below your god status!!!

You are blessed

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Your heart is important!!!

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To access the supernatural your heart is very important. Even if you speak in tongues, shake your whole body, shout on the top of your voice, walk around; it is just activity. Hannah connected with God in her heart, Hervoice was not even heard but She had an answer!
The woman with the issue of blood connected with Jesus in her heart first(she said to her self if I could only touch the helm of his garment I will be whole).
God says if you seek me with all your heart, not your mouth not even your mind, then you will finding me. He also says he searches for those whose HEARTS are perfect towards Him.

Don’t waste your time praying, making faith confession and studying the word if your heart is not in them, it is simply a waste of time. But with the heart first, man believes then with the mouth confession is made unto salvation(results).

Thoughts firsts then most importantly your Heart, then your mouth = results!!!

God is love, love Is in the heart so access to God is also in the heart.

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The right attitude!!!

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The wisdom of God is foolishness to the undiscerning but is Greater than earthly wisdom!!!

If you are Anti anything react to it in an opposite way(let the weak say i am strong, let the poor say i am rich)

if you are anti-poverty be pro-wealth

if you are anti-darkness be pro-light

if you are anti-sin be pro-righteouness

if you want growth don’t preach we must grow or why we are not growing, speak growth, preach growth and it’s benefits

if you are anti-fornication be pro-chastity

if you are anti-religion be pro-sprituality

God wanted us saved, He did not preach sin , instead he preached salvation!!!!

speak, preach what you want and not what you don’t want!!!

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