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I decree concerning you that you increase in divine knowledge, and you operate in the right mentality of the god that you are, and the consciousness of this mentality makes you bolder and more daring and circumstances and spirits submit to you, you also operate at the level of a christ and have Godlike results in all areas of your life in Jesus name.(Category prayer)

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We are The new Ark of God!!!

In the old times the ark of God had inside of it, the law, aaron’s budded rod & a bowl of manna,

Today we are His Ark and we carry in Us His word(the law),the miraculous(aaron’s budded rod) & Divine provision(bowl of Manna). If anyone needs anything from God they should contact US!!!

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The Difference!!!

The major difference between a christian and any other religious person is not that He/she now has a big guy(Jesus) who they can always call on when they are in trouble, it is that they are Supernatural men while others are just mere men and in fact the christian is the big guy the non believer should run to when in trouble

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