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What is Ministry?

Ministry is a God ordained channel or Endeavor that positively meets either the Spiritual or Physical needs of men. Many till today still think that is always has to be a church or para-church Organization but that is not the case.

Here is proof:

The First Man named Adam that was given a divine assignment was not a pastor nor was he an evangelist; he was simply a garden caretaker.

Even our father of faith Abraham did not have a congregation that he was feeding with the Word of God regularly.

Esther was not a prophetess but she was still very instrumental in the preservation of the divine destiny of the Jews

David used his music in the palace of Saul not to praise God but to attend to the Kings needs to list a few.

Certainly there are also people like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Samuel,Pauland other apostles that met Spiritual needs.


If you look at Genesis chapter one you will find out that God used only two resources to create everything visible including you. These resources are’ Water’ (Gen 1:20-21) and ‘land’ (Gen 1:24).

Water represents Spirit, and Land Represents commerce.

He said to me sometime last year that every man has a divine mandate to meet both physical(things that pertain to Life) and Spiritual needs(Godliness) and our success is tied to the degree to which we achieve both. That’s why He calls people twice.g Saul Saul (Acts 9;4) Jacob, Jacob(Gen 46;2) Moses Moses(Ex 3;4)



Many of you that are not familiar with my history may not know that before my encounter with Christ I was a Music Artiste, I used to sing,rap and even produce, it still amazes some of my flock when they see me rap  with ease and when they hear my beats. Even till now Music holds a very special place in my heart. In fact asides from preaching the word, Music is my passion!



God has however given me a passion and mandate to help in the propagation and support of Good decent Music. I don’t know if you are like me but am sick and tired of the crap I hear on radio, Music videos are even now strip tease. If you do a little research you will be amazed to find out that most of these guys grow up and started in the church but in other to sell they have compromised and even many have gone overboard.

In helping many musically creative youth God inspired mewith the idea to start



It is music social network for the merchandising of music products, especially songs and albums. It has loads of amazing features that will benefit Fans, Artistes and Music institutions. However Songs allowed is rated 13, as only songs with decent lyrics can be sold. Fans also get to rate and decide the popularity and ranking of an Artiste or song. Sign up and upload to sell songs is free!!!



We are presently at 70% completion of the platform and need the sum of N 1.5 million ($ 9375)

to cover the development of other plug-ins and technica lexpenses.



You can donate on or send to

Guaranty trust bank account 0007907020,

account name: Oluwatobi Alli Philip


For enquires other donation options  and investment opportunities send  a mail to

Watch our Pitch video to get more info  and see benefits for donating. watch view at


Let we God’s people use our money to support this Ministry and help in the Supply of Good, Decent Music. Bad things Continue when Good people refuse to do anything!

Thank You.


At Your Service

Oluwatobi Alli


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The righteousness of God in a christian makes it impossible for him or her to burn in the lake of fire, no wonder the presence of the fourth man in the furnace(The righteous one) turned the furnace into a cooler.

I decree that no matter the fires of this life & that of devil’s you encouter you will experience bliss in Jesus name! You are Blessed
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Ministry is any endevour that postively meets the Spiritual or Physical needs of people, it does not neccesarily have to be a church/parachurch organisation. the first minister in the world(Adam) was not a pastor, He was a Caretaker of a Garden!
God has serval means through which He wants to bless the world, in areas like, music,agriculture,technology,building&construction to list a few.

Be and do your best in the field that God as placed you as an able Minister.

You will Flourish!

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Gen 1:14 God spoke: “Lights! Come out! Shine in Heaven’s sky! Separate Day from Night. Mark seasons and days and years (MSG) emphasis added.

It is Important to note that God is the founder of Years and He is also fully aware when new ones come. God as we also know, has plans and agendas, so it safe to say that He has an agenda for Year 2014.
From the above scripture we see that there is a Breaking Forth of New Light each year to differentiate one year from another. Light represents “Revelation”(which is insight into the divine to cause changes in the physical realm). If at creation God did nothing until He commanded Light to be, then also we also will not achieve anything tangible this year until we lay hold on the light for 2014, as last year’s Light is not sufficient for this year.
What is God saying?
Pro 14:11-12  The house of the wicked will be overthrown, But the tent of the upright will flourish.  There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

God is saying Year 2014 is Our Year of Flourishing!

However our flourishing is tied to divine insight and following Gods path as if we don’t, we will suffer the same fate as the wicked that will be destroyed this year. Watch out  for  many wicked people that will be disgraced, and their  businesses that will go down, However We the Righteous Shall have wonderful breakthroughs, and striving businesses , new successful businesses from us will also do excellently well this year,
As God at creation after commanding light to be was able to recognize Available resources  needed to create all things, I decree that your Spiritual eyes will be opened to discern available human resources, opportunities and knowledge on how to take full advantage of them, you also will know the different types of people God will send your way, and the parts they are to play in your destiny this year, you will walk in uncommon wisdom and  also know what to do in every situation so that you will flourish in all that you do in Jesus name.

You are blessed.
Your’s in The Lord
Oluwatobi Alli

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