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The dynamics of our Co-participation(meaning we are both active partners not only God) in the divine nature(1peter 2:2-5) is that:

-We are responsible for Developing our Faith, and God will supply equivalent Grace that matches our level of faith.

-At God’s end is Grace (zech 4:7) and at our end is Faith (mark 11:22-23).

-The more mature(deeper) your faith the greater the grace God releases to you (Rom 5:1-2).

-Grow UP and Grace up (2peter 3:17-18).

-Fufil your own side of the divine and stop holding God responsible for that.

-Grace is not just umerited favor but it is also enabling power to work (acts 4:33) .

I will share later on the dimensions of grace

You are blessed! #grace

Patience is a virtue , please wait...

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