Great God, Great Baby!

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Great God, Great Baby!

2048 years ago Deity condescended into humanity, the lowest form as a matter of fact. He became a cell,  that developed into a Zygote that later became a baby because of you.

The Creator was humble enough to leave heaven and chose to squeeze Himself into  His creatures Womb JUST TO COME AND SAVE YOU!

His birth ushered in the beginning of a New man and a promise of Eternal Life for You.
How great is His love for you.
May all His desire for you and your family come to pass this Season.


Jesus_in_the_womb_20224cPhoto: Courtesy Google

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oluwatobi alli

Oluwatobi Alli is a man called and chosen by God to do extraordinary things. He has a unique mandate to groom Son's of God through the Revealing & teaching of the Wisdom of God for Supernatural living. A prolific and anointed teacher of the Word and His ministry is blessed with Miracles & amazing testimonies. He is happily married to his co-laborer Olubukola.

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